Forms with UITableview in IOS

When you’re developing IOS apps you often need user input to receive some data.

You have the following options to get the data from a user:

  • Poorly designed form on a rather ugly white background
A rather ugly form
A rather ugly form
  • Use Storyboard to get static UITableviews in which you can easily create a nice form
A form by using static UITableview
A better looking form by using static UITableview

How does it work?

The library is really simple in use. You have 2 required elements:

  1. QuickDialogController – used to push a viewcontroller to the screen in which you build your form
  2. QRootElement – a container for different sections and cells
When you’ve setup these two objects, you can add as much QElement objects as you want. Some elements are
  • QLabelElement – normal label
  • QRadioElement – options with 1 selected item
  • QBooleanElement – an on/off switch
In my previous post about migrating a Core Data database, I’ve used this library to show the Add Student model view.
This is how the code looks like … quite easy isn’t it?

Just have a look a his website or go over to Github and download the library.