Frederik Jacques - freelance iOS developerI’m a fulltime freelance iOS developer / consultant currently working on the mobile apps for Belfius Bank. I have been lecturing programming courses at Howest University College for 9 years until the fall of 2018.

Doing freelance work is a great way to keep in touch with the latest industry standards. That way I can provide my students with real-world case studies.

My love for programming started with QBASIC at age 12 which I used to automate my homework. At age 14 I started programming little websites for school with HTML and JavaScript. In college I learned various other programming languages, but my primary love was ActionScript. It was a great language to prototype stuff and create interactive, fun websites.

Today we’re 2019 and my primary focus switched to

If you have any questions, cool projects or you need consultancy. Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Open source

I try to do my best to contribute to the open source scene. You can check some of my projects on GitHub.  If you have any remarks, just open an issue on GitHub for the specific project, and I will be happy to fix/improve my projects.



Lecturer Devine

I’m currently teaching Native Programming in the Devine course at the University College West-Flanders.  We aim to deliver top-notch students who know how to develop and design digital experiences.  The student learns a broad variety of programming languages from HTML to C++.  My job is to teach them Objective-C, Swift & JavaScript.

Freelance iOS developer

You can hire me for remote freelance iOS work.  Please contact me via

and let’s grab a coffee and talk about your next project!