Add 3D Touch quick actions tutorial

3d touch quick actions tutorial

With the introduction of the iPhone 6S (plus), Apple added a pressure-sensitive layer to their screen.  This creates a bunch of new UX possibilities for creating apps.  It’s possible to do a hard press on an application icon and get shortcuts which take you to a specific point in your app.  For example, if you do a hard-press on the Photo’s app icon you can quickly search for an image, check the most recent images or see your favourites.  It’s also possible to make these quick actions dynamic, meaning that you can add and remove actions based on the state of your application.

3D touch quick actions
3D touch quick actions

In this tutorial I will show you how you can add these quick actions to your application icon.

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New features in Swift 2

Swift 2

At the 2014 WWDC conference Apple announced Swift as a new language to write iOS app.  In February 2015 they released Swift 1.2, which fixed a lot of issues (especially with the compiler) and added new language features.

In June 2015 Apple announced at WWDC Swift 2, which will be made open source later this year.  In this post I will cover the new features in Swift 2.

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