Pong Wars

A fast-paced classic arcade game for iOS

A game is always fun to play.

Discover the fast-paced excitement of Pong Wars, a fun and fast-paced classic arcade game!
Now available on all iOS devices for both adults and children!

In this casual game, players face off to capture as many tiles as possible within a 30-second timeframe.
Utilize your turret to fire bullets across the field and dominate your opponent’s territory.
Each tile you conquer may reveal an arsenal of power-ups—from bazookas and shields to stun grenades—adding a thrilling twist to every round.

Pong Wars offers two game modes:

  • Smash Mode: Focus on the frenzy. Shoot relentlessly and claim as many tiles as you can.
  • Battle Royale: Every 10 seconds, the outer tiles lock down, ramping up the challenge and strategy.

Pong Wars is also a great game to play when you are around friends as you can battle against each other on one device!

Whether you’re aiming to beat your personal best or outmaneuver your friends, Pong Wars is the perfect blend of strategy and speed.
Jump into the action and become a tile-capturing champion today!