learn to read the clock on iOS

Learning to read the clock shouldn't be boring!

Have you ever considered how crucial time is in our daily life, and yet, how challenging it can be for young learners to grasp? 
I’m really thrilled to introduce Clockwise, the exciting new app for iOS and iPadOS that makes learning to tell time a playful experience for children.

Clockwise is an innovative app available in Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian, and German, perfect for children of different nationalities or those learning a new language. The app incorporates colorful and child-friendly graphics, transforming the complex task of reading a clock into a fun-filled game.

Clockwise offers two engaging game modes, catering to different learning styles and adding variety to keep your child captivated. The first game mode prompts kids to set the clock themselves. They’ll manually move the clock hands to match a given time. Not only does this improve their understanding of the clock, but it also enhances fine motor skills as they manipulate the clock hands on the screen.

The second mode transforms learning into a lively quiz. Children will receive a time indication and then must choose the correct clock from four options. This interactive mode promotes quick thinking and decision-making skills while reinforcing their understanding of time.

What truly sets Clockwise apart is its customizable difficulty levels. Starting with broad increments of one hour, it enables beginners to get the hang of the clock. As the child’s confidence and skills grow, they can gradually move on to 30-minute, 15-minute, 5-minute, and ultimately 1-minute increments.
This gradual approach ensures that learning is paced appropriately to each child’s unique ability, avoiding frustration and promoting a sense of achievement at each stage.

With its multilingual support, child-friendly interface, and varied game modes, Clockwise is not only an app for learning to read the clock. It is a tool that enhances concentration, decision-making skills, and even fine motor skills in a safe, fun, and interactive environment.

Get your child ready to conquer time.
Download Clockwise app today, and turn every moment into a fun learning experience!