List of countries and capitals of the world (json, xml, csv)

For the upcoming release of iCapital 2.0 I needed a list of all the countries and capitals of the world in json format. I searched the web, but couldn’t find a proper solution until I found these lists on GitHub.

Sadly they only contained the countries of the world, so on a boring Sunday night, I’ve extended the list with all the capitals for those countries!

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Enumerate fonts on your iOS device

When you work with custom fonts in your iOS projects, you’ll need to find out the correct name for your font.

You can do this by looping though all the font families and then use the font family name to loop through all the fonts that belong to the family.

The following function will take care of this and return you a nice list ordered per font family.

- (void)enumerateFonts {
    NSLog(@"--Start enumerating font--");
    for (NSString *fontFamilyStrings in [UIFont familyNames]) {
        NSLog(@"Font family: %@", fontFamilyStrings);

        for (NSString *fontStrings in [UIFont fontNamesForFamilyName:fontFamilyStrings]) {
            NSLog(@"-- Font: %@", fontStrings);
    NSLog(@"--End enumerating font--");

I’ve also created a gist on github You can find it right here.

Belgian cities sql import

For those in need, I’ve created a SQL dump with all the cities of Belgium linked to their provinces in two tables (cities & provinces). Most SQL dumps have all the Belgian cities and provinces stored in one table which is not always very convenient.

Thanks to @anthonyvanoyen and @jverdeyen for pointing me to some start files.

You can find the dump on my Github account.

Forms with UITableview in IOS

When you’re developing IOS apps you often need user input to receive some data.

You have the following options to get the data from a user:

  • Poorly designed form on a rather ugly white background
A rather ugly form
A rather ugly form
  • Use Storyboard to get static UITableviews in which you can easily create a nice form
A form by using static UITableview
A better looking form by using static UITableview

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