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Pong Wars for iOS

Pong Wars for iOS on the App Store

2 months after creating the open-source SpriteKit version of Koen Van Gilst, I’m happy to announce that Pong Wars is now live on the App Store. Pong Wars is a fast-paced classic arcade game for all iOS devices. In this casual game, players face off to capture as many tiles as possible within a 30-second timeframe.Utilize your turret to fire bullets across the field and dominate your opponent’s territoryEach tile you conquer may reveal an arsenal of power-ups—from bazookas and shields to stun grenades—adding a thrilling twist to every round. Pong Wars offers two game modes: Pong Wars is also

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iCapital 2.0 iPhone app

I’ve just released version 2.0 of the iCapital app, which is completely redesigned for iOS7. iCapital was my guinea pig

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