Grading in the future?

As partial exams just passed at my work (, the job of carefully entering grades takes a lot of time. A common workflow is

  1. Correct grades on paper
  2. Input grades in a spreadsheet with partial grades
  3. Double-check grades on paper with grades in spreadsheet
  4. Merge partial grades in a new spreadsheet with global grades
  5. Input grades in school system

As I was working I was thinking about how nice it would be if I could just speak to my computer and the grades would be filled in automatically.

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iOS Face recognition

There is a nice API for face/person recognition on the internet at
Their API provides quite a lot of interesting data, such as

  • Position of the eyes
  • Position of the nose
  • Position of the mouth (right, center, left bounds)
  • Yaw/roll/pitch rotation of the detected head
  • Attributes: gender, wearing glasses, smiling, mood, …

And the best of all … it’s a free service which gives you 5000 calls an hour to their API which is more than enough for a little experiment.

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