Boring Meeting OXO – a new way to have fun meetings

After finishing up iCapital, I was thinking about a new app to learn some extra API’s or frameworks.  We were discussing about games during meetings, and that was my eureka moment.  You probably know the feeling when you are in a boring meeting and you want to play OXO with a collegue … passing the paper and thinking ‘oh damn, it’s so obvious we aren’t paying any attention’.

So what if you could eliminate the paper part in that equation? Just play OXO against eachother while it seems you are taking notes on your mobile?  Well that’s exactly what Boring Meeting OXO does! 🙂

It takes advantage of the Bluetooth capabilites of your iPhone to connect to a person around you whos also running Boring Meeting OXO. When the connection succeeds, you can play!

There are 2 game modes:

  1. Classic (form O X O)
  2. Tick-Tack-Toe (get OOO or XXX)

Some user feedback the game received

Sweet and simple. Good one.  – Ashley MN

This should have been around a few years ago. I would have saved tons of paper in class 😉 – Ronny Welter

Very fun game to play. Perfect when you got some time to kill with a friend. – Peter Eysermans

Boring Meeting OXO is now on sale in the App Store for just 1.99$! Hope you’ll enjoy it.

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