iCapital v1.5 released

This week a new version of iCapital got released in the App Store. It was my guinea pig app to learn myself Objective-C this summer when I broke my foot. It was an excellent learning app, because it covered a lot of new concepts which I had to tackle:

  1. Core Data
  2. Migrating data on updates
  3. Memory management
  4. Retina support
  5. Game Center

Now, 8 months later, I took a look at how I left my code behind in my repository and I thought it was a good thing to rewrite the whole app as I now have a much better understanding of the language.  Since then I created a new game Boring Meeting OXO, an iPad app (in a private store, but you can take a look how it works here, this was still in a development phase), and a few personal apps.  As I feel myself comfortable with the language now, I hope I can release many new apps soon (one is coming pretty soon :-)!

As with every update, I give away some promo codes you can redeem via the App Store. So for the quick readers, here are 10 promo codes:


I hope you have fun with it!

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