Unhide the Library folder on (Mountain) Lion


Since OSX 10.7 Apple has decided to hide the ~/Library folder from your users directory. When you are using the iPhone Simulator or other development applications, you spend a fair amount navigating around in the Library. So if you are tired of using command+shift+G all the time, you can easily unhide the Library folder forever and ever, without showing all the hidden files on your system!

Here are 2 solutions that (maybe) will make the world a better place to live in.


Option 1 (the best)

  • Open Terminal
  • Execute the following command

[crayon]chflags nohidden ~/Library[/crayon]

Option 2

If you are a bit scared of wandering around the dungeons of Terminal, you can use the shortcut command+shift+g when you are working in Finder. For extra awesomeness you can drag the Library folder to your sidebar. You’ll never have been this productive (well at least to open the Library folder)!


If you want to show all hidden files, just open up the Terminal again and execute the following command

[crayon]defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles YES[/crayon]

If you want to hide all the files again, just replace YES with NO (but I guess you figured that one out yourself).

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