TNColorScrollViewController – easy scrollview with different color views

For a few iOS projects I needed a scrollview which had different UIViews with different background colors.  Because it came back regularly it became cumbersome to write the whole thing over and over again.  So yesterday I created a view controller which takes away the pain of writing it.

You can find the code on Github with a demo project on how to use it, but the steps are easy.

  1. Create an array with TNColorViewData objects and give it a background color or a reference to a custom UIView class (this class has to subclass TNColorView)
  2. Create a config object in which you add the array and have the possibility to set some extra properties so the view controller knows how to behave
  3. Present the view controller
  4. There is no step 4

If you have any requests, just put them in the comments or add an enhancement in the GitHub issue tracker!

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