TNInfoBubble – Prisma app info bubble component

I was using the Prisma app (like half of the world probably) and noticed the info bubble when you swipe with your fingers to adjust the strength of the effect.

This is my implementation (written in Swift) of this component, which comes with the Prisma look out of the box.

The component works with Storyboards, or you can create a bubble in code and get up’n running with 3 lines of code.

self.bubble = TNInfoBubbleView()
self.view.addSubview( self.bubble )

It’s also possible to alter the appearance of the bubble yourself by using a configuration struct.

var config = TNInfoBubbleConfiguration()
config.backgroundColor = UIColor(red: 92/255.0,
                                     green: 184/255.0,
                                     blue: 92/255.0,
                                     alpha: 1.0)
config.labelTextColor = .whiteColor()

self.bubble.config = config

For more info, just check the documentation!

You can download the project on GitHub.  If you have any questions, just ask it on  Twitter, put a comment below or open an issue on GitHub.

The component is also available via CocoaPods.

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