Introducing Billie, the smart invoice assistant on macOS

I’m very excited to introduce Billie, the smart invoice assistant on macOS.

Meet Billie, the smart invoice assistant for macOS!
After more than a decade of building iOS applications, it was time to get my feet wet and build something for macOS.
The past 3 months I’ve been working hard to release my first macOS application to make renaming & archiving invoices easy and quick, of course with a touch of machine learning (as you do nowadays).

Last week I’ve launched Billie on ProductHunt and at the end of the day, Billie ended as the #9 project of the day!

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iCapital 2.0 iPhone app

I’ve just released version 2.0 of the iCapital app, which is completely redesigned for iOS7.

iCapital was my guinea pig project to learn about Objective-C a few years ago, and since then I didn’t have the time to update it for iPhone 4 and 5.

With the arrival of iOS7 I’ve took the time to polish this baby up according to Apple’s new guidelines and look’n’feel! Hope you’ll enjoy learning about the world!

Download it now for only half a glass of beer (0.89 cents) in the App Store and if you have any requests, just post them in the comments!

This is how I learn my ABC version 2.0

Hi all,

We’ve been working around the clock last month to push out a new version of ‘This is how I learn my ABC’.

By popular demand the app has now become an universal app, which means it will run on your iPad, but also on your iPhone now … for free :-)!

If you go to the App Store on your iPhone and you have purchased the iPad version you will see a ‘Buy’ button, but don’t worry, just purchase the app and Apple will show you a message which says ‘You have already purchased this application, this upgrade is for free’.

The app has been totally rewritten for iOS7 using Apple’s new gaming framework SpriteKit to get optimal performance and we’ve added new goodies as more sounds and animations. Game Center integration is also available so try to unlock all the achievements!

Go check it out on the App Store!

In the meanwhile we are working very hard on another big update which will fulfil the second biggest demand … the Dutch version! This will also come as a free update 🙂

iCapital v1.5 released

This week a new version of iCapital got released in the App Store. It was my guinea pig app to learn myself Objective-C this summer when I broke my foot. It was an excellent learning app, because it covered a lot of new concepts which I had to tackle:

  1. Core Data
  2. Migrating data on updates
  3. Memory management
  4. Retina support
  5. Game Center

Now, 8 months later, I took a look at how I left my code behind in my repository and I thought it was a good thing to rewrite the whole app as I now have a much better understanding of the language.  Since then I created a new game Boring Meeting OXO, an iPad app (in a private store, but you can take a look how it works here, this was still in a development phase), and a few personal apps.  As I feel myself comfortable with the language now, I hope I can release many new apps soon (one is coming pretty soon :-)!

As with every update, I give away some promo codes you can redeem via the App Store. So for the quick readers, here are 10 promo codes:


I hope you have fun with it!

Boring Meeting OXO – a new way to have fun meetings

After finishing up iCapital, I was thinking about a new app to learn some extra API’s or frameworks.  We were discussing about games during meetings, and that was my eureka moment.  You probably know the feeling when you are in a boring meeting and you want to play OXO with a collegue … passing the paper and thinking ‘oh damn, it’s so obvious we aren’t paying any attention’.

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iCapital – an app to learn the countries a fun way

Due to a broken foot this summer, I finally found the time to investigate the objective-c language.

As a result of this, I’ve just released my first app to the App Store … iCapital!

It’s a little app which let you search for any country in the world and it will tell you what the capital is. You can also do an inverse search (so if you know the capital and you want to know the country). If you want additional data, the app connects to Wikipedia!

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